Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots

Groundzero, by 'Softel'.

Crossing into the light

© Myriah Krista Walker 2001



Because I have the ability to see through the veils, often I'm called upon by Spirit to assist individuals in their transition into the Light.

These communications and visions come spontaneously, and an emotional link is made with the individuals. When we pass over, our emotions pass through the veils, and so this is how the links are made. Human emotions are processed and transformed after passing on.

Two days after the September 11th incident, many of the victims came to me, in spirit. I assisted a few to the Light, and wish to share these precious experiences. During these contacts, which lasted about an hour, one after the other appeared in fast succession. After one moved on, instantly another appeared. Sometimes it happens this way when the door is opened.

These links happen because the individuals seek to share and heal their own experience. Often they just want someone to witness and acknowledge their feelings. One learns to become emotionally strong and non-judgmental in order to do this, without becoming emotionally attached to each individual's experience.

I refer to me as Me, revealing the Higher Self consciousness able to work through the veils.


In the Pentagon I sensed someone alive, but dying. Semi-conscious, he didn't understand why everything was black. I stayed with him awhile, listening to him talk about his family. He knew I was there, and asked if I was an Angel. I ignored the question and told him it was important for him to focus on Love. I held focus on the Love that is real and eternal within Me, assisting with broadcasting that higher vibration to him as a mirror. Eventually a Light pierced the blackness, and He saw Hands of Light on the other side reaching out. He left the awareness of the Earthly life he'd lived and moved on.

I'm outside the Pentagon. Something draws Me within again. I search through remnants of rooms like a wind seeking the Feeling Tones that called Her. I find a person in the rubble. I shone a "Light" on him, and I saw other presences come to help him. I do not know if they were spirit presences or human. (The next day it was announced there were no other survivors found).

That image disappears, and now I'm looking as though through the eyes of the person experiencing this next event. He's sitting at his desk, reclined with his feet propped up while talking on the phone. He has a very nice office, and I can see his office is several floors up in a tall building judging by the view out the window.
Suddenly everything within view is totally and completely obliterated. There is only darkness. Gone is the office, phone, desk, view from the window. Only darkness. He is just a presence standing in a void of nothingness. He's stunned. Where is he? I stay with him, talking. He senses Me. I connect to His Heart within the all-consuming void. He's shocked by the sudden absence of everything and has no thoughts. I linger a long time by his side, broadcasting Love. I know eventually He will sense the Light that is within Him.

Eventually a Light begins to pierce the darkness. I send out rays of Love, calling the Light to Him. He sees it. Feels it. Senses Love. And He moves on.

Now I'm standing in a room with many businessmen, all dressed in short sleeve shirts. They were having a meeting. At least, I sensed they had been in a business meeting just before life as they knew it changed forever. They did not realize yet they were dead. They were just beginning to sense something was different. The Light in the room is bright.

A younger man, dressed casually, enters the room. He stands at a podium and smiles at the group. I recognize Him instantly. He is the Ascended Master St. Germaine, and He's come to give a lecture that I suppose will be quite different than the one they just left. WE smile at one another and I move on.

I'm lead to another, and this in particular was very unusual. It was night, and I found myself standing in the street before the collapsed towers. A woman bleeding head to toe was wandering up and down the street. Clearly she did not know she was dead. She came to Me, for I was glowing in Light, and she began talking. Babbling, really. The street was familiar to her, but she couldn't understand what all the rubble everywhere was about.

She was disoriented. I simply stayed with her and listened. Suddenly behind us a white figure appeared -- it was Christ. And He came and sat with us. And the blood upon her skin turned to red roses. She was covered in roses, head to toe, and the atmosphere suddenly turned to gold. Without words She came to the realization she had given her blood for a greater purpose. I saw Her touch His Hand, embrace, and then They were gone. I have never seen anything like that, blood turning to roses.
An Arabian man appeared, very clearly. So clear and strong, in fact, for a moment I thought He would physically manifest in my kitchen. He sat cross-legged and had a turbin on His head. He was filled with Love, filled with Presence. Behind Him lay the vistas of a golden paradise. I wondered if He was one of the hijackers, then realized it was my human mind interpreting this sudden presence of an Arab man in the kitchen. That He was of the Light I had no doubt.

Very quickly I made sure I had no judgment as I witnessed His Presence. He was not in-between and wandering. He was already on the other side. He was a Master. He then gave Me a visual. A marble rolling along a path, then WHACK its hit on one spot very strongly. Now the marble rolls in a new direction. I understood the metaphor as the marble being a symbol of the Earth. Now the Earth and Her People will roll in a new direction. We looked at each other a long time, and there was Pure Love emanating from Him. He smiled, and then vanished.