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The other side of heaven

© Myriah Krista Walker 2007

My husband, Kurt, passed on Halloween 1996. I have never loved another as I did him. We secretly loved each other for thirteen years without telling the other. So when the time came upon us to expand our relationship from friendship into marriage, it truly felt like a gift from heaven.

However, the heights of our love came to match the depths of despair we danced within. He had been an alcoholic, and much discord had grown between us from it. He struggled with overcoming his addiction. There are volumes to be written about the torment we experienced because of this disease, though I’m sure his suffering was much greater. We loved each other so much that at times Light emanated from our auras, but we were unable to overcome this challenge, and subsequently he died from an overdose of alcohol at the age of 39. Kurt and I had often talked about a strong sense that there was something very important he and I were to do. Neither of us realized it would take his death to bring it about.

Several months after his passing, I experienced an event so profound as to alter my perception forever, and place me on a path towards healing. I was awakened during the dream time, by Christ. He came to me in-between dreaming and wakefulness and whisked me off to a plane of color. We stood within soft blues and pastel essences of formlessness.

He had brought me to Kurt, and I was fully conscious and awake. There was no doubt I stood on the Other Side. Kurt and I gazed at each other briefly, and then my attention was averted.

Next to me was a woman who was very sad. At once our Hearts connected, for such is the way of communication on the Other Side. The human heart expands to the Higher Self Heart, the Heart of the I AM Presence. Everything speaks through the Heart and is understood immediately. I held fast to ideas of purest Love while we gazed at each other, but she remained very sad.

This was a place of healing. Many guides and spirits were here. All were Masters. I was shown that one has only to think of another, with the desire to assist in healing, and it is so. Those of us healing our emotional chords from missing our loved ones are mirroring this healing on the Other Side. Thus, working to consciously bridge the gap between the veils assists the healing to happen much quicker.

Now I stood on a plane of formless color, where the individuals that were here chose the Space and Place around them that met their comfort needs. Like a hologram, they could visualize and create any form or atmosphere necessary. There were others I could see in this area standing in the distance. Some wanted only a small space like a tight cocoon around them and did not let anyone close. Others had larger space. Some were healing in the Lands of Imag-I-Nation with family members, re-creating that which needed to be healed via holograms.

Not everyone came to this Space and Place. Only those requiring emotional healing, for the soul is the build up of human perceptions and creations. They were not doomed or punished, but here simply because they could go no further without healing and doing the emotional work. Our unresolved feelings pass through the veils. If one does not resolve their emotional issues on the Earth plane, they will on this plane.

And it was not what others thought of them, but what lay within their own hearts that needed healing. Anger, bitterness, resentments are seen in the Light of Truth on the Other Side, and these tether the individual unless the Heart is cleared and cleaned with Purest Love. It takes what it takes to heal, and they were here as long as it took for healing to take place.

An ethereal musical tone suddenly filled the atmosphere, and everyone moaned. Their visiting time was over. A requirement of being on this plane was having specified time for self-review and inner work. Though asked to be alone at that time, a spirit guide or family member would be allowed if needed. All those who desired to heal with Love were welcomed.

I turned around and saw Kurt, smiling at me. One look from him and everything else disappeared. There was only he and I, standing upon a beach. “When we hold the same vision, we can BE together,” he smiled, his eyes sparkling with familiar charm. He has the most beautiful smile. We thought of a place we loved that we had been on Earth, a beach we had visited on our honeymoon, and then suddenly we were there, I was touching his skin, physically feeling Love emanate from him…

…anxiety and regrets arose from his Heart, pushing us away, and within me I mirrored the same feeling tones. Quickly I worked to forgive…

…and then we were together again on the beach. Oh, how I had missed him!….

…again we were back in the room of formless color, and this time it was my anger that had separated us, though quickly we were lying in each other’s arms again. He wiggled his toes, and I wiggled mine for we were getting good at imagining. Again we popped back together on the beach. It felt so good to connect purely from our Hearts again! To feel the depths of our Love! Oh, what a gift.

Then suddenly I stood with Christ, and Kurt was gone. It was time to go. As one we traveled through a ray of white for a long time, just enjoying the sense of oneness until we returned to my room. I knew I was welcomed back any time I thought of it. Simply because I love, and because I can. Our healing had just begun, and we had been given tools to use to assist us. Forgiveness would be the key to unlocking our future. Our Love is strong enough for the task, for sure and for certain.