Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots



© 1999 Myriah Krista Walker


Time to center. Breathe deeply, like a leaf held fast to tree as Autumn Winds blow through the forest.

You are high up in the tree, clutching firmly. The tree is familiar. The tree is your mother/father. Here is where you first budded open to the Light, and saw the Sun.

Upon this tree you felt yourself stretch into newness as you budded into the Leaf You Are. There were many leaves upon the branch then. There was excitement in the Air as life burst forth anew, and the at-moss-sphere was filled with spring green.

This branch held you firm and safe while spring rains and hail beat upon you, making you cold and wet and alive as you clutched a jeweled droplet of rain within your folds, for as long as you could. You love the wet.

This branch held you firm while Summer Sun heated you up, and Summer Winds teased and made you laugh and sing and shimmer with other leaves.

At night all the leaves told stories of the Ancient Ones, and the Wind came and listened and settled Herself to sleep among the trees.

Morning sunlight warmed the dew that the leaves held fast like a lover, and they began to drip from the many leaves and branches, awakening the Wind from Her evening slumber. The Wind would kiss you ‘good day’ as She rose and went about Her business.

Now there is just you, on this tree. Not as lively as before, yet still the essence of you is here, in this form and shape. Getting ready to surrender.

The Wind picks up, and many leaves on the Earthen floor are stirred up, dancing about the at-moss-sphere. Soon, you will know what it is like to feel that way too. To be free from the tree like your brothers and sisters. Right now, you feel the Wind pull and rub at you, yet you are tethered and held tight by the branch.

There are many colors upon the Earthen floor. A kaleidoscope of memories as you remember what it was like when the Air first frosted, and Summer ended, and all the leaves expressed the essence of Who They Really Are. Like hue-mans, the leaves colored themselves in their own unique ways.

Some turned red and some orange. Some stayed green and only partly colored themselves. And some turned gold, or purple, and there were even some that became silver and burgundy. Each decorating themselves in their own creative way. Getting ready for the dance. Getting ready for the Fall.

A shifting happens. You dangle as the Wind has loosened your hold. You sway slightly now, still tethered yet lightly. It won't be long now. You were afraid before this, afraid of letting go. But now you feel the possibility of your essence moving freely on the Wind, and you are excited.

The Wind picks up again, and you ready yourself, but alas, this Wind was not the one. You relax, laying yourself against the branch, and then WHOOSH - you are free - floating
being caressed in the dance
another stir, a wave, a spin
then lightly you land upon a pile of brothers and sisters, laughing.

Sigh. You want to Fall again. You came to be a part of this one thing, this Fall, this surrender, and now it is done.

Your essence contracted for this one moment to be a part of something grand. Just for the experience. You will never forget the Fall.

A gust of Wind picks up unexpectedly and you are uplifted, and again you experience the joys of surrender, and being caressed by the Infinite Spirit.

Many leaves sing songs of joy as the Wind rustles Her Hands through them and brushes them against each other. Oh, to dance upon the Winds of surrender!

Again the Wind stills, and you enjoy floating to the Earthen floor. Delicately. There are blades of grass here, and large bushes, and insects scurrying hurriedly about, carrying many seeds.

Now you will surrender to the season, and the transformation of energy, and the dance of becoming again.

Your essence and energy will transform, and Your Love will go everywhere you think it so. Decay will bring freedom and expansion into the infinite and ever more, and the minerals from your past form will feed the shapes of things to come.

And always, You will re-member the Dance of Surrender.

Welcome home, and thank you for sharing.