Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots
Photo: John D. Anram



Teardrops of teal


© Myriah Krista Walker


You are standing in an Ocean.

All around you are the ripples of waves trailing from your sailing feet. You are the Wave Maker. You are the Cause as you sail upon this Ocean beneath the golden moonlight.

You stand within the Left and the Right, as if you are skimming the surf-ace of the Earth, just standing there between the Earth and Sky. Like a thin bubble within two particles of IS-ness, you are zipping along the surf-ace of time on your snowmobile.

A dome of a mountain appears, and your soul Heart flashes its blue mirror upon the mesa. The mountain flashes in response, and all around you are the popping lights of Others in Memory. Although the One steering the snowmobile has absolutely no awareness at all of what you are seeing. The irony only makes you laugh more and the driver speed up.

It is now you realize you are standing behind the Veil of Conscious Thought. Imagine a Mirror of Self steering this snowmobile as you sled across the Plateau of the In-between. You are riding in tandem with All that You Are, and All You Are Afraid You Are.

The landscape brightens; the snow sizzles and pops bringing a surreal quality to the experience. All around is the sound of Mother Earth Laughing as you speed by, jumping over hill and dale, through the brush, around the bend, and off to Grandmother's house you go. At least, that's what the tale said, so why not?

Grandmother's house looms on the horizon. You can see the light from far-off, and waves of rippling magic taunt and beckon as your vehicle grows wings and takes flight over the pastel mountains. Breathe Light into Your Heart as You rise.

You are ONE with Your Beloved, flying through the Sky of Knight, Teardrops of Teal11 fall from Your Heart, filling the rivers below. You remember someone once singing about the Lovers in the Stars, and Your smile indicates You Are One. You Are what legends will come to sing about in Times to come.

Far off, Grandmother's house looms on the horizon. All around are the shapes and colors of sounds to come. The tip of Your Wing brushes against the Sky and dust puffs up from the Earth's breath. You are in the Land of In-between. Let waves of Love and Joy wash out before You, preparing a way, a path, a Light.

You stop and rest upon the peak of a mountain. Before You, ripples the vastness of Your Kingdom. All that You Create from Your Soul Heart's longing. What do You see in Your vistas? What do You WANT to see in Your vistas? You are the Paint and the Painter.

You stand facing North, and make an offering. Your Heart beats, rippling questions of Love and Joys before You, or was that Almond Joys? Ah well. Sometimes You feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Offering what You Will with Your arms outward, You ask what is to be given and received here. Linger as long as You Desire.
Turning to the East, You make an offering. The Light from Your Heart pulses outward and beams upon Another of Like Mind. Smiling with Your arms open, You ask what is to be shared here. Linger as long as You knead.

Enlightened, You turn to the South and gaze with wonder. Silence IS Golden, and Silver is the sound of Children Laughing. Standing as Equal with Your arms open, You ask what are the gifts to be gathered here. What shall be learned; what shall be taught.

Westward and full of Courage, You open Your soul Heart to the Bed of the Sun. You place Your hands upon the ground like a Child, about to play leap frog. At the count of three, You leap into the unknown path of the setting Sun.

A pocket of Wind captures and holds you, gently swirling and floating you to the destination as if you are but a feather upon an invisible mattress. A Temple looms below. An Old Woman stands waiting with a key.

Behind Her on the Temple floor, steps appear, going down into the Waters below. You Are the Giver and the Gift. Wade into the Pool of Oneness, and linger here as long as You like.

Teardrops of Teal flow before and after You. A far off Eagle cries, a cat
brings home its prey, and all around are the sounds of Children Laughing.

Welcome home, and thank You for sharing.