Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots

Gentle presence

Gentle thoughts


Gentle presence

© Myriah Krista Walker



What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Gentleness?

Between a rock and a hard place lay Gentleness. Sometimes it's hard to remember that Gentleness is within us, somewhere between the black and the white, the left and the right, the day and the night.

Gentleness fits into small spaces and is welcome anywhere. It weaves itself around the lint in your pockets, and the curve of your lips. It has no religious affiliation, agenda, gender or judgment. It simply IS.

In-between moments of confusion and righteous certainty, Gentleness reveals itself in the essence of Acceptance, Tolerance, and Patience. Gentleness is our patient nature, letting others work through their dramas and solve what needs to be solved or dis-solved.

Gentleness is the way the air parts to make way for my body as I walk along the river, accepting me upon this Earth unconditionally. It is the way my biology accepts the air I breathe, the waters I drink, and the foods I partake of.

There is no time limit, boundary, or deadline with Gentleness. Gentleness simply IS. At any moment you can drink deeply of the essence of Gentleness, for it is an unlimited supply and ever present.

Take several deep and even breaths, focusing on breathing in the essence of Gentleness. Let it coat your senses, your skin, the tiny hairs on your face.

Breathe in Gentleness, feeling it trickle within you like a tiny mountain brook. It flows into your arms, your torso, your legs, and out your feet into the Beloved Mother Earth.

Breathe in Gentleness, letting it swirl deeply throughout your Heart. BECOME a Gentle Presence.

This is YOUR Gentle nature. YOUR Divine Right. Gentleness is a common denominator of Oneness. Feel the energy of Gentleness flowing through your hands. With your breath and your intent, direct this energy anywhere upon or within your body that needs it. Simply place your hands there, and breathe Gentleness.

Now focus on the area around your Heart, and the Gentle essence within. Breathe this Gentleness outward and around you. Open your lips on the out breath, and imagine a huge bubble of Gentleness is forming around you.

Let this energy of Gentleness enlarge with your intent. Take your time, there is no hurry. With each breath, the feeling tone increases as your Gentle Presence grows bigger.

Hold your hands open, and imagine you are holding a huge ball of Gentleness. Wrap your arms around yourself, and enjoy this sensation. Stay with the energy until you feel every molecule and particle of yourself coated with Gentleness. All you have to do is breathe.

Focusing on the breath, breathe outward another bubble of Gentle Presence. If you were to give it to someone, who comes to mind? Imagine placing it carefully in their open hands, and imagine them willingly receiving it. Do not worry about how they will receive it. Simply give it to them, and then return your attention back to your own open hands.

Breathe outward another bubble of Gentle Presence. Surely there is someone else you can give this energy to? Your child, spouse, mate, roommate, coworker? Your pets? The neighbor's barking dog? The clerk at the convenience store? The librarian? The person that cut you off on the highway? Imagine giving each one a bubble of Gentle Presence.

Each one will receive this energy of Gentleness. On some level they will be aware of it, and it will affect them. But do not worry about the outcome, or what will happen. Each person has free will. Give your gift and then let go.

Look about your home. Is there any area that could benefit from the energy of Gentleness? Imagine placing bubbles of Gentleness all about your home. Your pets, plants, and crystals will attune to this Gentle Presence and amplify their own gentle natures.

Gentleness is an immovable and impenetrable force of Isness. It coats, soothes, protects, and aligns itself with the Gentle Presence within. Gentleness is usually the first gift we are given when born into this Earth life. As we lay cradled in our cribs, blankets of Gentleness were wrapped around our innocent natures.

Gentleness is an essence we have always had, even if others were unkind. That is why it is so easy to work with and manifest. We KNOW it.

Gentleness does not stop at the end of this meditation. Next time you go to work or are about in your community, take the time to breathe outward the energy of Gentleness as you interact with others. Dare to BE a Gentle Presence and gift it to everyone you meet.

Perhaps you have bills to pay, letters to send, and other correspondence. Place a bubble of Gentleness around each letter before you send it. Just think how many people will be innocently touched by Gentleness as it travels to its destination! Again, Gentleness has no limits, no boundaries, and no agenda. Gentleness simply IS.

One letter will affect the postal carrier, waft about their vehicle and touch the neighborhoods they drive in. Its energy will permeate the Post Office. Then, if it needs to travel further, it will fill the plane it flies in or train or another vehicle en route to its destination. It will touch and heal others at another Post Office, and finally, at its destination, waft about the business or home it resides in. Can you begin to understand now how easily we affect each other?

As you prepare your meals, or when you eat out in a restaurant, allow a bubble of Gentleness to touch and bless the food and drink before you take them into your body. You can easily do this without drawing attention to yourself from those who may think you a tad odd. All you have to do is breathe!

You can simply look at something, and with your breath and open lips, breathe your intent of Gentleness upon it. A car accident, a quarrel, a children's squabble. Breathe Gentleness upon them all in your passing, and then let it go.

Between a rock and a hard place lay Gentleness. Dare to BE a Gentle Presence. Welcome home, and thank you for sharing.