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Divine Nudge

© Myriah Krista Walker 2005

It was June 27th, 2005. I was reading outside in my purple sky chair. It's a canvas chair that hangs from a tree, and has a suspended foot hammock so that the feet can be propped up and the entire body left comfortably swinging from the limb above. Its heavenly, and just the place where I love to do spiritual reading and reflection.

I was really enjoying a sense of bliss, charging my atmosphere with Divine Love and feeling radiant with Light. Specifically, I was decreeing that my home and world were charged with Love and Light. I visualized all the plants and trees and surrounding area blessed, the flowers and trees glowing with joy. I'd been practicing and feeling this for several minutes, so the garden was quite magnetized when I suddenly felt a nudge behind the elbow of my right arm.

Now, the brain is a funny thing. Its just amazing how many calculations run through it at the speed of... hmmm shall we say light? My mind is going "okay, that was a hard, too hard for the was warm, furry,....I don't have a dog...the level of my arm is about three feet off the ground...too high for a must have been a..."

I turn my head to the right and suddenly see all at once chocolate brown and a big black wet nose. Level with me. IT'S THE BEAR! The yearling bear has nudged me, and its still standing right beside the swing! legs are all up in the foot hammock! I make a quite loud verbal "OH!" as I frantically slip my feet out of the harness while pushing the ground away in the opposite direction of the bear as fast as I can. My movement startles it, and it begins to move off. I see its face.

Oh....immediately I realize my mistake. It had been drawn to Love and now looks rather dejected. I gather myself quickly, consuming all fear and alarm within, and say in as gentle a voice as I can muster, "How are you doing today little bear?"

It stopped about three feet away, turned its head back and looked directly at me. I felt its Heart. I saw Love coming from its sweet face.

I had been specifically charging my home, world, atmosphere and garden with Divine Love, and the bear decided that was where it wanted to be too. With Love.

The yearling bear is smallish, about three feet tall at the shoulder. He's travelled alone all summer throughout the neighbourhood and town finding food wherever he can via natural sources as well as bird feeders, gardens and tipping trash cans. He's been without Mom this year, and sometimes my neighbour and I have seen him napping behind our cabins in a secluded spot of sunshine amongst the dense foliage, or lounging in the limbs of my juniper tree.

The young bear gazed at me for about two seconds, though it seemed as though time stood still. Then it slowly...slowly, not running away ... pushed through the brush and into a neighbours yard.

Tears rolled down my face at once. It was so moving. I'd never had something like that happen, felt a bear nudge my arm, touch me, and then linger beside me. Had my initial reaction not been fearful, I could have reached over and pet it! It was then I noticed my cat Solstice, who was sitting in his favourite spot a few feet away, staring at the brush where the bear had gone. His look was the equivalent of dropping one's jaw in amazement. He couldn't believe what had just happened.

Since that experience, I bear in mind each day the evidence of blessing our home, thoughts, feelings, world, and atmosphere with Love. Love bears all things. We may not always know how our blessings affect the world and each other. That we ARE making a difference is evident in the peace and harmony reflected in our own countenance, and our ability to consume and rise above fear at every moment it demands us to. Because I challenged my initial reaction of fear, I shall always remember the look of love reflected back to me.

I decided to call him Nudge. He reflects the power of unconditional love. Not judging another by their appearance, but choosing to love anyway. After all, he chose not to be afraid of me, but to come into my garden of Love and Light, simply because he loves, and because he can.

Many blessings to you and your gardens of Love!

Always with Love,
Myriah Krista Walker