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Drawing by Myriah Krista Walker.

Global Love

© Myriah Krista Walker 2000

It was July. Hot. A good heat that warmed the bones and kept me active
around my Colorado cabin. Not enough heat to sweat, not yet, but one could sense that possibility on the winds to come. But at the present moment I was tired of walking on egg shells so as not to step on the ants that seemed to invade the cabin floor and sweep the house every morning. They were clean and thorough. The cats didn't help by catching the ants, nor seemed to care about our intruders. Echo and Solstice were always leaving remnants of their furred and feathered prey, and the ants were simply here to clean up the mess.

Or were they not? Hindsight is always 20/20, and looking back now I wonder if perhaps it was the cats who sent the Ant People into my home to convey a very tender Story. One that would once again forever change the idea of Global Love upon my walk on this Earth.

"Alright!" I said out loud. "I'm done with sweeping up your little bodies and stepping all over you. What is up with this!" I decided perhaps it was time to converse with these visiting travellers. Why hadn't I thought to have a chat with them before, I wondered?

I sat upon the carpeted floor in the space just off the kitchen that served as the living room. Closing my eyes, I began breathing and opening within to My Golden Core Self. The place within I always begin when communicating with other beings. Its always easier to journey with another, and an Other had been ready and waiting, for at once I felt a golden cocoon of energy envelope me, tinged with red, and me became Me as I entered the Consciousness of the Higher Self. Beside Me sat a Grand and Glorious Being. The Ant King.

Oh, His Presence was awesome! Great Love emanated from His Being. The top of His Grand Head was even with My own, and He wore some type of wondrous cape. He touched My arm, and together I heard the beat of My Heart. My Soul Heart. Boom-boom.....boom-boom.....louder and deeper each time. I fell into Love within Me and traveled the Core of My Being.

Elegantly cascading down deep roots that flowed into the Central Core of the Mother Earth. The walls of this cavern beat the same beat as My Heart. Velvet and golden, the beat of the Mother Earth lullabied. Me.....soothed Me.....the Paradise within the Mother was no different than the Paradise within Me.....

.....and then I was in a tunnel, near the top of the Earth. Dead bodies of Ants lay scattered and charred in My path like ashes. I flew up the tunnel and into the Light of day as though I were a white feather on the wind. An inner knowing told Me I was over Australia, and I saw vast lands burned, miles and miles of burned land. Oh, to feel that loss! To feel the Changes of Nature.

And I saw first, then felt, the Essence of the many Brother and Sister Ants no longer walking the ancient trails of this land. Their spirits hovered about the grains of sand throughout this charred land. Some great fire had been the bringer of this dawn, and swept Life into ashes with one fell sweep.

Then Mother Earth whispered to Me. "Look closer at the grains of sand," She said. And I looked, and I Beheld molecules of Ancient Earth knowledge embedded within every molecule and particle of the Earth. Their text now lay dripping onto unheard forms. There was no One to carry the Ancient Story forward on the beat of gentle feet. A knowing filled Me that the Ant People keep this knowledge alive and pass it along on Their Feet. Generation after generation. Ceaselessly. Tirelessly. And I Beheld that many Who were lost had been hundreds of years old. Had I ever realized Ants lived so long?

It was Sorrow I felt then, from the close proximity of the Ant People in and around the cabin. They Grieved for the loss of so many. I became full with this shared Sorrow, and WE held this Feeling Tone for a while. There were no words. There could never be words for this Oneness.

I began to wonder how They could know of this, across the world and so far away. As if in answer, this Feeling Tone of Sorrow expanded. I began to feel the Ant Brothers and Sisters in far away lands. My Consciousness expanded, too, as though I were a great and still wind that could Feel Their homes woven throughout the fibers and soils of the Earth, under driveways and upon city sidewalks, dirt roads, meadows and forests, up and down trees, in every place and space of America My Consciousness moved, then through Canada, Africa, Europe, then Everywhere. Everywhere around the globe I felt this Oneness. The beat of Their Feet carried this moment of Oneness through the air waves within the oceans. Reverberating. Rippling outward. Every Ant heard it, was One with it. It was a stunning revelation Being Witness to this sacred form of communication. WE lingered long in the Silence and Power of One.

Several moments passed, though there was no sense of time. This Oneness I felt became amplified by the common Feeling Tone of Love within Our Hearts, and WE became the unified energy of Gratitude, circling the globe, Blessing the Earth with Silent Prayer. And I Beheld a golden glow rise up from the Beloved Mother Earth because of Our Prayer. THIS is what the Ant People do for the Earth. Simply because They Love, and because They Can.

Gratitude and Gentleness filled Me then. My Heart filled up with it, and I
Voiced Gratitude to the Ant People all over the globe for Their ceaseless
walk upon the Earth, keeping the knowledge of the Ancient Ones alive with Their Feet. Already I was receiving visions of Ones planning to travel by boat and pant leg, however They could, to take up the work in Australia. But now My Consciousness began drifting back to the cabin, and My Awareness brought me into the living room.

My Heart was still full. I looked down at my crossed legs and bare feet. And there I saw a tiny ant, standing on rear legs touching my big toe with his front feet. He had been relating the Story from the Earth through his feet to mine! Oh my! My Heart became full again at the sight of this tender Being conveying this Story through his feet. I thanked him for the Story, and Great Love washed outward from Him in huge waves. And then He walked on. The Ant King walked on.

The ants left the cabin that day, and kept to themselves and busy about the Earth outside. They were Grateful to have re-leased Their Sorrow, and a quiet and gentle knowing remained between Us ever after, and ever shall BE. They conveyed much about what it truly means to BE a Gentle Presence on this Earth. And to keep walking, ever on.

Boom-boom.....the Ants are Praying.....are You Listening?