Meditations and stories from the ‘Grasses Roots’ 

Myriah Krista Walker

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Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots



Talks with animals and nature. Just published! More info is to be found here.

In gesprek met de vier seizoenen. Dutch language edition only; unfortunately out of print


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In September 1998 I got, as a birthday present, my first subscription to the Internet. From that day on my life has been changed a great deal, because shortly thereafter I came into contact with the writings of Myriah Krista Walker, which fascinated me immensely. Today this contact developed to a friendship, which resulted in October 2001 to her visiting the Netherlands, where she presented her book and where, during six meetings throughout the country, she told her story of the wonderfilled way in which she works with Spirit.

Myriah Krista Walker is a writer, artist, Visionary and Lightworker living in a remote setting along the Colorado River in Colorado. Likened to a Native American elf, she has always heard the Voices of Spirit and nature. As a child, it was quite natural to play in her "imagination," as there were always many angels and "imaginary friends" available, and magic was quite real.

While growing up, Myriah's family never shunned these experiences, and were always eager to hear of them. As well, the Presence of the Mother Earth was a frequent companion in the Dream Time, but it would be years until Myriah realized who this kind old woman was that often came and whisked her away to Paradise realms.

Many years later as she walked her personal path of spiritual initiation, she came to realize that all the knowledge she had been seeking she had experienced as a child. It had always been within her, as she had innocently lived this Oneness with the animals, rivers, rocks and trees.

In 1996 the passing of her mother, father, and husband within an eight-month period served to accelerate these abilities to communicate with Spirit. Now a practicing Spirit medium, it was quite natural for her family to turn around and Hold Her Hand. Her family never went anywhere - they went everywhere. Their higher vibration served to amplify the awareness of the I Am Presence within Her, that Presence of eternal Life, Unconditional Love, and Oneness
with the Divine.

Myriah and her husband frequently spoke of an inner knowing that there was something very important they were to do together. Neither realized it would take his transition through death to bring about this purpose.

Via stories Myriah humbly shares, as a witness, sacred experiences of Higher Consciousness present in a vast array of nature and Earth's creations. The meditations are inner-vision journeys Myriah experienced while healing the issues between Her Family, through the veils. False beliefs were healed on both sides regarding Forgiveness, Judgment, Tolerance and Acceptance, as well as experiencing the humorous expanded Consciousness of Family.

These sharings of the non-sense of death, the Truth of eternal Life and Unconditional Love have become Their wonder-filled co-creation, given here freely as many grasses seeds blown upon the wind, to land where they will.

Myriah, Her Family, and the Beloved Mother Earth share these journeys in the hopes they may serve as seeds of Truth for Others as the consciousness of humanity awakens to the Knowledge that We are all One, and heaven IS within Us.

We wish you to have very much fulfilment by wandering these wonder-filled writings.