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Eagles fly with an open Heart

© Myriah Krista Walker 2005



Throughout the history of mankind upon the Earth, eagles have remained icons of spirituality, often depicted as direct messengers of God or the Great Spirit. I have always placed a high value on my communications with eagles. Discovering their sense of play and fun has been an unexpected treasure. It is said their energy is healing and aids in creation. Indeed. To feel an eagle laugh is to shed one's sense of self forever.

I had some interesting encounters with bald eagles over the years I lived in the Burns cabin. There are several pairs of year-round nesting balds throughout Colorado, yet the balds in the Colorado River area are migratory, arriving in October and departing in April every year. They rotate their watch over the territory with the turkey vultures. The locals say spring has officially arrived when the vultures return. I have never seen both birds in the same territory simultaneously.

Although golden eagles nest here year round, the balds choose this as their winter grounds. Goldens like the high cliffs, whereas the balds prefer fishing in the river and perching and nesting atop large pine and cottonwoods along the banks.

Eagle communication is most often in feelings. However, sometimes there is a quite strong string of worded communication that comes forth telepathically. Always there is a sense of play and fun. Highly sensitive to thought and feelings, the bald eagles taught me the value and power of that which is real yet unseen.

My first experience happened one autumn afternoon. The bald eagle was flying south to north up the river canyon. Its white head and tail were prominent as it guided itself over the river. I sat in the tall grasses of my yard watching. An eagle can stir my heart like no other, and as I watched it approach, a feeling of Love bubbled up from within me. I felt compelled to send it to the eagle, and without another thought I imagined that I sent out a great pulse of Love and Light to the bird as it began to pass by.

The eagle instantly reacted. It suddenly stopped in midair, stretched out its great talons and "caught" my Love. Stunned, yet also thinking I was seeing things, I sent another "invisible" wave of Love to the bird. Again it stopped, this time arching upward as though I'd sent a wild toss, its talons snatching the energy I sent. It continued up the river, carrying my Love with it like a curtain billowing behind it.

The eagle SAW the energy I sent out! My love was tangible, visible. I usually send out a wave of loving energy from my heart whenever I communicate with nature, yet I'd never received validation that nature was not only sensing the energy, but seeing it too. Here was validation that thoughts and feelings really do have impact on our atmosphere.

There are many teachings that speak of how we change our world with intent, decreeing love, and giving blessing wherever we go. Here was an eagle saying yes, I feel and see your love, and will take it forward. Keep walking with an open heart.

The bald eagles began to warm up to me more and more as they witnessed me year after year raising my arms up to them. My relationship with them changed forever after that first encounter.

Whenever I see a large bird of prey -- vulture, eagle, raven - I stand in the open and raise my arms as if I can fly too. Eagles fly with an open heart, and if I'm willing to "open my heart," my chance for an encounter is greater.

I visualize sending the bird a beam of Light filled with Love directly from my Heart. I've witnessed birds go out of their way to fly over and say "hello." And quite often they will flap their wings unexpectedly as a sign they acknowledge me.

Try it. Stand outside when you see a large bird fly over, with your wings outspread, sending it Love. Everyone I've shared this with has had the same results. It may take you a few tries to get over your sense of embarrassment, especially if you are in a public area. But you know, eagles aren't embarrassed to fly with an open Heart.

Often they connect their Heart energy with yours, and it can feel as if you are flying a kite. They most often will linger, circling overhead as long as I have the patience to hold my arms out. One becomes vulnerable when their arms are spread outward. They aren't holding a gun and intending harm, and the birds obviously know this. You often will feel silly doing this, which is perfect. Birds have a great sense of humor.

I've seen one fly overhead, a mere spot in the sky, and begin to respond to my telepathic calls of hello and my arms outspread, my beam of Light blazing upward. Slowly it approaches, soaring directly toward me until it is right overhead, then circling several moments in greeting. Who knows how far that Light and Love beam really shines! A beacon can be seen from a great distance.

The bald eagles took me under their wing, so to speak. When they returned each year, they would make a point of flying over the cabin to let me know. I would feel a nudge or desire to step outside, and one would be passing by right at that moment. They made frequent passes directly over the cabin, often screeching to get my attention to come outside and see them. Every morning they made a habitual fly up river, and if I was outside at that time, they would sometimes circle back and say hello before continuing, or make a maneuver or look at me so that I knew they recognized me.

There was a particular afternoon when I went down to the river. It was a bright sunny day, and I wanted to sit by the water a while. As I stepped onto the beach, movement downstream caught my attention. I turned just in time to see a bald eagle diving into the river to catch lunch. Missing its catch, it rose up and flew past, water dripping from its talons as it gained height and flew further up river. Wow!

I lingered on the beach for a while. Then after about twenty minutes, I heard a distinctive screech above and very close. Looking up, I saw my eagle friend, with a giant fish gripped in its talons. It took great effort for it to keep alight with its heavy burden. It was excited and wanted to show off. "See! I got one -- lookey here!" I swear I could feel the eagle smiling. The eagle kept rising and diverted its path over the river slightly, until it flew directly over my cabin. It felt like I was being blessed with its bounty just because it flew over my home.

Now I live a few miles down river, and there are new eagles to get to know here on the river. Its just another day in paradise. Perhaps I'll take a walk along the river, and dare to walk with my arms stretched wide and an open Heart. Will you do the same?