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Crystal-clear communication

The Nada Chronicles, part 48

By Mara Oldenburg

Running Fox Home

Hi. My name is Mara and I want to tell you something about myself that is not so self-evident, because it has been a close call or I wasn’t here, at least not as a human being on Earth.

I want to share something about the preparations for this incarnation, my birth and about my first years as a human child, which did not occur as I had previously planned together with my guides. I also want to share something about what I call crystal-clear communication.

Thus the start of my life was not that happy, but in the end all went well and now I am sitting behind my computer writing these words, to be sent to Hans to put on his wonderful website. Often I am called stubborn, and led by this stubbornness it is that at last I am able to write these words.

My first – conscious – remembrances date back from the place that is sometimes called ‘hereafter’. A poor name because it does not fit. Maybe in this instance, it could be called: 'herefore.' Anyway, hereafer is a word with which everybody understands what one is talking about.

In my memory, I sit with four men/women/souls at a round table in the shadows of a huge oak tree. We are discussing the role that I will burden myself with when I start my next incarnation. A symbol for this new life is placed upon a saucer -- a big chunk of quartz surrounded by a lot of beautiful fresh-picked flowers.

I am to incarnate as a crystal child, swiftly spending my first years with loving parents whom I – together with my friend and refuge Amon – have chosen for that objective. The oversouls of Anton and Diana, my parents to be, are sitting here with Amon and I at this table. In this place I am used to being called ‘Hyacinth,’ after the dazzling smelling flowers that are to be found here in great abundance.

Anyway, just now we asked Anton and Diana to name me at birth ‘Crystal’ after the big crystal that is glistening here on the table. It seems, though, that this message was not received accurately, but at that I am very content with the name of ‘Mara,’ which sounds sweet. Furtermore, they chose as my second name 'Gem', which is close enough to Crystal.

Not long after this meeting, Diana became pregnant. After about six weeks I took a brief look inside the foetus but wasn’t able to feel very much. The only thing that was apparent was the loud heartbeat of my mother and the loving thoughts she had for her yet unborn baby. That sounded good, but I was not yet prepared. When coming back I often spoke in detail with Amon about my task for this life, which can simply be described as to ‘Crystal clear communicaton.’

A human being is not only a genetically produced vehicle that is programmed from the cradle to the grave. After conception and before the baby is born there is a moment when the soul is to enter the body. The soul resides there until the moment of passing. Animation of the body is essential to be able to live for real.

It was promised to me that this animation was going to be a grand moment. Not only Amon and the oversouls of Anton and Diana were present, but also a great many other souls were there to attend and to celebrate. But something went terribly wrong. During the descent through the dark tunnel I panicked. It came to me that I wasn’t ready. I tried to struggle, to resist against these huge energies pressing me to ‘occupy’ this now almost three months old foetus in Diana’s womb. During the struggle I became aware not only of Amon, but also of a much bigger and more intense presence. Lovingly he/sh/it put her/his arms around me and assured me that it really would be much better to go on and not to retrace my steps.

My reaction was one of bewilderment. Who was I to fulfil this task of crystal clear communication? Was I not only a simple flower, a hyacinth that wasn’t worthy to carry out such a great thing? Yet in the end I delicately entered the body of what would three months later become Mara during a much too early delivery.

The birth seemed to be a reprise of what had been the animation. I got stuck in the birthing channel. Again I panicked, I struggled and the umbilical cord got jammed around my neck. It has been a miracle of the Southend medical staff that I survived this complicated situation. But at long last I was dumped into an incubator and virtually deprived of motherly love I spent my first few weeks in the fierce lamplight of the incubation room with nurses who were too busy to show more than a little interest in us ‘premies.’ From time to time my mother came and tried to feed me but I resisted. What was I to do with that remarkable liquid that came out of her nipple? It didn’t taste like anything I was used to.

What was there to do but cry, bellow and be angry in these sterile surroundings that seemed to last forever? I had no idea but one way or the other they succeeded to get enough food inside of me and then finally arrived the day that I was brought home by and Diana and Anton.

At last there was time for love. My parents were very relieved that I had made it and it sure looked as if I was constantly taken out of my cot to be cuddled. Although that was a little bit too much for me, here at least was security, here was attention and above all, here was love.

But I was puzzled. Many faces emerged above the cradle who said things they did not mean. It seems though that is more often the case. Of course I was prepared that humans do not communicate with thoughts. It was confusing that frequently other things were being said then what was thought of, and in that manner it was difficult for me to exchange thoughts, as it is called euphemistically, but not truthfully.

Of course that is something Ì had to cope with. In the first place I had to teach myself to find a way to communicate as truthfully as possible. I discovered that when I said exactly what I thought, people became afraid or angry or suspicious. They are not used to saying or hearing the truth. It is as simple as that. However, it is of course also not true that everybody is constantly insincere. That is not what I mean. It is something indefinable, a subtle telling of which is just a little bit different than what is actually meant. I have learned that society on the whole is fashioned this way.

That was exactly what I had been afraid of, during animation, during birth and also when I was back there in the cradle and the – that is how I felt it – misrepresentations were poured out over me.

Bye and bye I discovered that most people actually are trustworthy. Everybody does their utmost to follow the most improbable manners, in which everybody seems to constantly ask about the well-being of everybody else, without wanting to hear an answer. Nevertheless, to discover that the great majority of humanity is compassionate and understanding was for me a gigantic eye opener.

When I realised that, all of a sudden my task looked much easier than I had thought. I did not have to change their minds any more. The vast mountain I had looked against now only turned out to be a mere mole hill. The only thing I have to teach my fellow human beings is to communicate their crystal clear truth in a way that abides by the prevailing manners as well as to the truth that all of us have in themselves.

And that is why I write these stubborn words of which I hope will be received at its true value. They have been written with the intention that everybody who reads them receives from them those values that will make it possible to live their life in a worthy way. To approach the other with an open mind, to tell ones own truth, and nothing but the truth. In short: to make it possible to create crystal clear communication between people.

As I said, at last I am very well. My fears are gone. My obstructions are raised and I am able to pass on that which I truthfully and straightforwardly feel. I wish you, with all of my heart, the same.