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The Nada Chronicles

Lady Nada is the name of one of the so-called "Ascended masters". She can be ranked in the company of ever incarnate souls as Gautama Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, mother Maria, Kwan-Yin, Confucius, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, and others. Without exception these souls have reached a high degree of enhanced awareness. It is their choice to, from the other world, help humanity with their own personal growth in any way possible.

While writing the stories I categorize under the general heading: Nada Chronicles it occurs to me that I find myself in a special state of fusion with this miraculous and wonderful Be-ing called Lady Nada. A large part of my work is published under this general title. You can click here to go to the index of these Nada Chronicles.

Sharing with others

You may copy and use anything I have written on this website. I indeed invite you to share, if anything might touch you, with others. Maybe via your own website or your own weblog, Facebook, Netlog, Twitter, etcetera. I ask you however to always mention copyright and writer and the name of the website: and the E-mail adress brockhuis@gmail.comas well. This wil give me the opportunity to otherwise publish anything at a later date. I urge you however to inform me if any of this is going to be published elsewhere. You may do that by sending me a short E-mail to

Written with Love

The segment Written with Love is ideally suited to publish your own poem, story or experience, on the internet. The only criteria I use are that it must touch me and it should be publishable in a general sense. In some cases, that will mean that some editorial work is necessary, which I will deliver gladly. If you are interested to also do your part by sending in your article, you can do so by sending an E-mail to this address: I wish you much pleasure while reading anything on my website.

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