The Nada Chronicles, part 7

©  Hans Brockhuis


My name is Athor and I am what you people would call a dolphin. In my opinion, though, that name is not chosen very well because it does not cover my opinion about it. The vibrations that word radiates do not coincide with the name we ourselves give to our race. We call ourselves Altea. I do know, however, of a people with that very name who have the appearance of humanoids and once roamed the planet earth. Some also live or used to live elsewhere, but it is us that are at present the heirs of the Altea-race on the world, which you call Earth, while we call it Water.

Currently I live in a shallow bay in a part of the world with a very nice climate. The sun is out almost always. It conjures magnificent shades in the upper layers of the sea just below the brink where the water ends and the air begins. In this beautiful spot I swim to and fro, flanked by a massive variation of fish, of which the one is even more fantastic colored than the other. In all sorts and measures they swim about and because I also have to survive, some do not very much like me at all because I use them for food. Peculiarly though, or maybe not, the extent of their colouring is not proportional to the tastefulness of a certain species, but I know which ones to sort out!

A bit further corral reefs can be found and against one of them rests the wreck of a wooden boat that is slowly decaying. This is the habitat of a large number of sea animals. From time to time a few of my nephews, the sharks, come by which causes great turmoil in the atoll. But apart from the fact that they have to help themselves to their daily portion of nourishment, they cause very little harm. Why would they? Food is aplenty, as far as eye and radar reaches, so why not take it easy?

Not very far away the humans built a small jetty that reaches into the sea. It is here that the fishing craft land to take ashore their daily catch. The fishermen are friendly people who also gather food, although the local tuna are not so fond of them because they are the prey. During the day when the boats are at sea, the children of the island come and play at the pier. And sometimes, when I feel like it, I swim underneath them and thrust against their feet when they let them sway from above. With a lot of noise they tend to fall into the water and all of us have a lot of fun.

My life has not always been as goldfish colored as today. I was born far-off in an area where the water is much colder than is the case here, and where the sun shines only seldom. The first years of my life I spent in the safekeeping of my mother and father and a number of relatives. We swam up and down the planet from the northern to the southern summer. If I am not mistaken, it was not the intention of my parents that I was born during the cold season, but that was what happened. At first I had great difficulty to catch up with the herd. Everyone did the utmost to help me by means of pushing me up or wedging me in between in order to gather speed, but it was far from easy, I can tell you. On the other hand, hardship causes strength and that was something I got to use very well later.

When I grew up and I was nearly an adult, I laid my eye on a young female of a passing flock. Her name was Emerald, a name that certainly belonged to her. How pretty she was! I was in love up to my sonar! As soon as I contacted her while think-speaking, I knew that she was bound to be my companion. She knew it too, but nevertheless it took me considerable time to persuade her that I was the one for her. That was something I could understand, because it would mean that if she would choose me, she would have to leave her own folks to join ours. Later on we would form our own group, because that is the way we Altea are wont to do.

As I said, I am rather strong, and a mighty demonstration of that at last persuaded Emerald that I was the one for her. Thus it happened that she and I entered into the ritual of marriage. In the united flocks a great celebration was held that day, because it was not only Emerald and I that had sworn faith to each other.

Emerald became pregnant soon, and more than ever I did not leave her side. I worked myself to the bone to outsmart the finest bites for her. That was not easy because her hormone maintenance was playing havoc and she didn't like food much any more. However, all this did not stand in the way of us being together as often as possible, and time and again we let ourselves be kept away from the group to do those things with which peers were not welcome. Yet we shouldn't have done that in the first place!

One miserable day we found ourselves in a shallow bay. At the entrance suddenly a fishermen's boat appeared that obviously was aiming at us. We tried, but didn't manage to get away. One way or the other our sonar became disorganized, and because of our panicking we did not know where to go.

To make a very long story short, Emerald was harpooned from the boat and screaming from pain was hoisted up and hung tail up in the mast. What was worse, I could not do anything about it. Yelling and crying she was hanging there, and I was helpless. My attacks against the boat did not harm them, and the only thing I could do was think-speak to Emerald and tell her to keep up, to have courage, and that all would be well in the end. It was easy for me to say because it wasn't me that was hanging there, yet at long last I could see her Spirit leaving my beloved wife.

Then I got to deal with the greatest shock in my life. Because of Emerald's fear and frustration the contractions of birth were provoked, and exactly at the moment that she passed our daughter was born. From the heights of the mast she fell down on the deck. From afar I tried to put some heart into my daughter, but of course she did not stand a chance and by and by I realized that everything was useless. In that one stroke my whole world collapsed. For a long time I followed the boat, but it was of no use. Emerald and our daughter had returned back to Altea and I was so very alone.

Dazed I swam in circles for months and finally realized that what I had experienced possibly would have something to do with karma. One way or the other I had to clean this mess up. But how? At long last I found a bit of a resting place in this shallow bay. Often I had to think back to the terrible event and it has been a long time since I found some peace within myself. My hatred against those that had caused this slowly subsided, and at last I started to find and send forgiveness towards this homicidal species in general and to the murderers of my wife and child in particular.

A human being helped to make this happen. A female settled herself on the atoll. She was studying our species and wanted no less than to make contact with me. The fishing people told her about my whereabouts in the bay and that I always was accessible. At first I certainly was not in the mood for these approaching attempts from this female who called herself Emy. A name with a vibration that comes very close to that of Emerald. By and by I let go of my hesitation and to my astonishment it became apparent that she was also able to think-speak, something I had not previously encountered by one of her kind.

Emy taught me many things about her species and my own. Eventually she awakened my trust and it was she who talked with me about forgiveness, about oneness and about love. Emy taught me that it would be a good thing for me if I could forgive the people who had taken away my wife and my child. Otherwise I would never have ended up in this tranquil bay and would not have made acquaintance with her. Thus it would not have been possible to fling the merry children of the Island into the water with my muzzle!

At first I had my hesitations about Emy 's approach. I realized that in former lives such horrible things had also happened, all of which eventually lead toward the horrible way Emerald and my daughter lost their lives. I had not even made a beginning in paying my debts. But then Emy told me to go on. All inhabitants of the island would always be lovingly and respectful towards me. It would be good when I was able to switch the button and make a choice in order to forever make an end to these endless thoughts. Because of my portion of suffering, my own enlightenment would reveal that these thoughts would not be necessary for me any more. Right at the moment when I would make that choice, the karmic wheel would stop immediately, she assured me.

Now, at the end of my life I am thankful that I have learned this. Not long ago I made my choice and the next day a beautiful elderly Altea swam into the bay. She is called Annika and she also has a full life behind her with excellent and less good moments. Together we talk about life. We play hide and seek with the children on the jetty and we said goodbye to Emy, who ended her research. Of course I will never forget Emerald, but I have been able to forgive and soon it will be time for me as well as Annika to go back to Source. Then there we will be swimming alongside Emerald through the waters of time. Here, living in this paradise I am looking forward to that day when we will be reunited and where we will speed together through the Altean paradise.