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Close encounter

An alternating story

Mara Oldenburg & Martin Pleiades


Last episode: XIV:

Uncork the champagne

After 14 breathtaking episodes, this very special alternating story finally has come to an end. Martin and I wish you much joy by reading or rereading this very special experiment.


Hans Brockhuis

Nada Kronieken # 81


Not long ago someone, let's call her Ulrike, asked me: “What is reincarnation?”She stated not to believe in the concept, but had heard about it and wondered how it would be possible that she in the country where she was born, Austria, always longed so much for the country, she is wont to call Holland, and where she, in her youth had spent a number of summers. Also every now and then it occurred to her she came on spots that seemed to be unbelievably familiar, although she for certain knew she had never been there. A rightful deja-vu feeling.


National Geographic


O Renenwetet…

“O Renenwetet feared by the gods, o idolatress of the woven garb. How happy those are who see you, decorated with your headdress from Re’s forehead. Your king’s apron on you is Hathor and your feather is a falcon’s feather and with that you ascend to heaven amongst your brethren, the gods […].”

See also: The priestess Imertnebes

Close encounter

An alternating story

Mara Oldenburg & Martin Pleiades


Final episode: XIII:

Love and harmony


Hans Brockhuis

Nada Chronicles # 117

"Together with you I long for the still-ness in which we can still see the surroundings excellently, like in the het Bois de Boulogne, where the curdled not-silence was audible. Further on to the summit of the Feldberg, where the stars showed us the way to the power of the universe and finally to the forests of Kalmthout, where we were able to see the birds move in the trees and were a butterfly shortly fluttered around us, but where no place was left for earthly sound."


Tales of reincarnation

Tidings, given by Kareem of Altair

Martin Pleiades

"This fact alone encourages me to share a few reincarnation experiences of my own. Even though at this point, I finally transcended the wheel of necessary human incarnations, it may still be worthwhile to disclose just a few of my personal stories. Therefore I shall, as a universal soul from Altaïr with the unmistakable name Kareem, pass on all the adventures I am willing and able to reveal to the unobtrusive appearance, Martin Pleiades. In due time, whenever his busy working schedule allows, he will subtly describe them, divided into specific chapters. However, he requested me explicitly to leave him out of the question. 'No my friend, this is all about you. Now is your time to shine, just sit back, provide me with your knowledge, and enjoy the occasion,' were his exact words."


Hans Brockhuis


Nada Chronicles # 116

Yes, you have found it, and more. You have learned great lessons and then and there you make the intent that when back, you will try to be that light. To feel and to  carry it forward. Because why do we have to maintain this illusion of heaviness when it is so much easier to let the light and the love within us to become evident? Is it not so much easier to carry a light stone than a heavy one? Is it not so much easier to read by the light of a lamp in the evening, than to spoil your eyes in the darkness? Is it not much better to face your fears and let them pass, rather than to oppose them?




Everyday souls

Martin Pleiades


Are you perhaps familiar with those days, apparently symbolizing nothing more than just another turn on a major roulette, something called a phenomenon of time, turning out to be a miracle grander than one could ever imagine? Alas, as a human being I surmise you do. But today I wish to tell you how an imaginary wheel may be able to take a very surprising turn in the life of a seemingly everyday soul.


Hans Brockhuis

Nada Kronieken # 115

“It is so unspeakably easy”, Devi replies, that you would hardly believe it: ASK AND BE SILENT; TUNE IN ON THE COSMIC CARRIER WAVE! When all is silent, you can hear it rustle in your ears. It is analogue to the tuning in on your radio. When you move the switch a little bit too far, there will be only noise. Switch off the ratio, the left side of your brain, and feel! In this silence a thought may sneak in that might be, how absurd it may look, your answer.”

Pleiadian Star

Martin Pleiades


Before I knew it, I was back in my small convivial apartment. No, he didn’t bring me home with his carriage or by any other means of transportation. I surmise it was some kind of a magic spell. But still, was it solely a vivid dream or a weird hallucination I will never be able to fathom? Frankly, I don’t know. I mean, can you imagine a sane but materialistic city girl like me as a princess from a Pleiadian world known as Celeano? Even though I like the idea, I’d never thought of myself in such a way. However, those 7 tiny almost minuscule stars may function as the only physical evidence. They are up until today still visible upon my right hand, precisely at the spot were Charles kissed me. Pretty bizarre, don’t you think?



Author unknown

Meditation is the crown jewel of most systems of yoga from the east. Being the highest of the yoga’s, it is also the simplest, purest, and clearest. The essence of meditation is to stop the mind from becoming lost in random thoughts, and instead focusing in pure consciousness.

Cavity of an old tree


Martin Pleiades


Once upon a time in a forgotten Universe, lived a little girl in a paradisiacal garden. She sat in front of an impressive statue depicting a Goddess many of us know as Pallas Athena. Whenever she found herself in a sad mood she paid a visit to this place, just to release her tears. This occasion was no exception. She held her eyes closed as she began to speak some apparent words of despair.


Nada Kronieken # 109

Hans Brockhuis


This meditation is about transforming your soul pain. Perhaps you do want this at all, as old pain hurts violently, but on the other hand it may be possible in one way or another to somehow allow that old pain which blocks access to your true self or soul. You do not know exactly how, but for you, through fear and/or resistance, it is very difficult to get access and everything stays where it is. In that way you shrivel up; do not know what to do and sometimes you, as it were, even seem to suffocate.


Anaïn Boving

                    I   offer   you
                         the moon
                         my   child
                         a   Light
          in   the   blue   night
          of   your   thoughts
          a   cyclone
                         of   Energy

Red fox

Walter Barthélemi

Land of fox ... An invitation to discover the native land of the filmmaker: the Ardennes of Belgium. As dawn rises lazily, a fox appears. The narrator, who is intimately connected to nature, invites us to reflect. To tame it, is to accept to be responsible. Fox embodies the wilderness so beautiful and fragile that we must learn to understand and maintain nature.

Martin Pleiades

‘Some people may have taught you not to trust yourself or one another. For those this is a true blessing. However, such lessons will never be shared through the heart of your very own mother.’

Martin Pleiades and Hans Brockhuis

And with high regard for one another, both sisters embraced at length and promised to from now on go out together and teach as Dawnbringers the people of Stihlum to truly try and reach oneness….

Maja Kluvers

This is the true story of birth and life of a new Child of Light on earth. It covers the period from his birth to the present moment. For personal reasons, the name of the main character is fictitious. To my great joy, I have been able to fully immerse myself in this special event so that it was possible to write directly from my feelings about the information I have been given. As a result I was able to view all actions from the perspective of the main character.

More than ever, you sense your path of growth as a road to initiation, consisting of a variety of delicious high diving and gliding flights. Sometimes you get the feeling of going too fast. You need to slow down and stop to see and listen. If not you’ll miss the essence. You know and feel this is true. Consciously created moments of silence give you the space for open reveries, spontaneous meditations and visualizations. During silence, sometimes previous awareness dissolves, and new insights germinate. Sometimes a new inspiration flashes forth, unhindered by the humming of your thoughts. The more you experience this direct game, the more something within you will yearn for it.


Hans Brockhuis


The Mother sips of this rain en nurses it with fresh Light. By means of subterranean passageways this is subsequently directed towards the thirteen sources and at that moment the circle is complete at last and these Waters of Peace are ready to again touch the human Beings and to make it available for these creatures of the Creator, in order to reach a brand new and magnificent consciousness.


River of Life

Nada Chronicles # 107

Hans Brockhuis


You look around and see many people who have come to greet you. You recognize many of them instantly. Others are familiar to you but you just don’t remember their names. But they all radiate love and you feel quite joyful, thankful, and extremely welcomed.


Oak Tree

Nada Chronicles # 106

Hans Brockhuis


It is time to realize that you and all with whom you cannot get on with properly, carry, just like you the divine spark within themselves and that you all try for, each in their own way - to remember themselves where they are from and how to find the way back. When you are angry at someone in such a situation, you do not stand in the way of them, but much more so in that of yourself...



Martin Pleiades

‘’To fear us is to fear thyself. We are holding the keys to your wildest dreams. Our existence within the Universe shall always be there, as it shall always be carried within the center of thy heart.’’




Sensi (The high sensitive child)


Marianne de Boer

You didn't get the answers
To all your questions
As a child
So you remained silent,

They didn't pay attention
To your deepest needs
As a child
So you remained silent,