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After more than 12 years since her first book: TALKS WITH THE FOUR SEASONS; with 52 meditations, one for each week of the year, Myriah comes up with a new one: TALKS WITH ANIMALS AND NATURE. This grand little book offers a stunning collection of extraordinary communications with animals and nature that convey uplifting and surprising messages. Myriah’s experiences indicate that nature plays an active role in uplifting consciousness. From basic communication techniques, to moving after-life messages from her family, Myriah empowers the reader to see the world in a new way, revealing how to engage in meaningful communications with all life.

As a young girl Myriah flitted about talking to the grass and trees and animals, both real and imaginary, for there was no difference for her. As she grew older, she realized not everyone heard the voice of the rivers, rocks and ravens. Her ability never stopped. From ants who are praying for global love, to the kindness of vultures and the whispering of ancient trees, this book will inspire you to see the world in a different way.

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If you can sense an angry person, feel the tension in a room, perceive the truth or a lie from another’s heart, you can communicate with animals and nature.  The fact is you already are.  It becomes transformational when you learn how to receive it back.  Emotion is not a human quality, it is a life essence.  Everything has feelings, and thoughts are ideas that all life expresses. 

As a young girl, Myriah flitted about talking to the grass and trees and animals, both real and imaginary, for there was no difference for her.  As she grew older, she realized not everyone heard the voices of the rivers, rocks, and ravens.  Her ability never stopped.

In 1995-6, she experienced the passing of her mother, father, and husband within six months.  The grieving process intensified her communication skills, and her encounters with nature took on a heightened and divine quality.    She began to understand oneness firsthand.  When one seeks to see the divine in all life, one sees the animals and plants and all of nature as mirrors of a divine intent.   

From ants who are praying for global love, to the kindness of vultures, and the whisperings of ancient trees, this book will inspire you to see the world in a different way. People say, “Oh, it’s only my imagination.”  Indeed.  Imag-I-Nation - the Land of the Higher Self - is where communication happens. It is real. It is vibrant. And it is woven into the nonfiction stoties in this book


Introduction by Hans Brockhuis. View his bilingual website here:

When I met Myriah Walker for the first time on the internet, just about 14 years ago, little did I know that part of her work, especially her meditations, still form part of the world of Running Fox. In those times I was happy to be of help with translating and publishing her first book: Talks with the four seasons, containing 52 meditations, one for each week of the year.

Since then, much water has flown through the Colorado River, a watercourse that is prominently present in her new book in which almost all communications with many species of animals - on earth, in the water or on air – are in one way or another  in the vicinity of this beautiful river, which downstream forms part of the world famous Grand Canyon.

During all those years she lived alongside this mighty river, at first in a cabin on the slopes of a small canyon near the Flattop wilderness in Colorado, later on in a place that cannot be mentioned because it has no name. It is not for nothing that her grandchildren lovingly call her ‘Grandma River.’

While I read the book for the first time with much pleasure, it struck me that, as Myriah describes it, the way of communication with each creature, either animal, fish or bird, is different. There are not only varying energy fields involved, but also the intention, intensity, clarity and power; it is always different.

It is touching to become led by the writer into a moving conversation with  a badly injured little blue bird, of which it is not obvious at first sight  if she wishes to live, or is ready to return to her own source. You learn that such occurrences in the animal kingdom are experienced differently than what is common among us humans.  

Another example is about a spider that had settled in Myriah's house. When you know that the writer, mildly spoken, hates an encounter with such a insect, it is very special to take notice that she - who shall never harm any animal at all - was able to contact the small bug and kindly ask him to please stay away from her, or else!

That worked for about a month until one morning while awaking she saw the spider crawling upon her bed in the direction of her head. What happened then I will not give away but in the end the spider apologized and ran away, never to be seen again.

A final example is an encounter with a bear in her backyard. On a nice day the author was sitting in her hammock chair, enjoying a sense of bliss. On a certain moment she felt the wet snout of an animal pushing gently against her arm. Say a dog with its snout seeking comfort. While still with her eyes closed she decided it could not be a dog though, because the hammock swing had been hung between two trees on a height a dog never would be able to reach. Moreover, she had no dog. Also it couldn’t have been the cat because she usually has no wet nose.
Indeed it was a bear that wanted to show her affection to the writer: As she mentions it: “I turn my head to the right and suddenly see all at once chocolate brown and a big black wet nose. Level with me. A BEAR! A yearling bear has nudged me, and is still standing beside the swing!

This is a small but magnificent book which is able to cross the bridge between man and animal and at the same time also teaches you about the way different creatures live their lives and think in their own way about the different occurrences in life. I highly recommend you read this book. It will enrich you, for sure and for certain, as Myriah herself would say.



Jules Gallagher
OMG I love your book & thank you for sharing the Oneness you have.  It is something I seek & I totally understand the communication you are talking about even though I am still learning to listen.  I have much gratitude for you taking the time to write this book.

Such a wonderful book that truly tells of communication with nature and all of its species, is through one's heart.  Myriah and I have known one another for years and been camping  buddies when times allowed (we live in neighboring states).  Our bond of friendship first began with our common ability to talk with animals and how we each lived and experienced our spirituality. I can tell you from experience that each story Myriah tells of an experience with an animal, is real.  Myriah is able to put into beautiful words, things of a telepathic nature.   She is also able to impart how one can begin to do this yourself with nature, whether in your backyard or in the wilderness.  

Margaret Bullock
This is a wonderful and inspiring read.  You will see animals in a whole new light both great and small.  The possibilities for greater understanding between  life forms is awesome.  It's the future!  Thank you Myriah for sharing your amazing stories.

Peggy Tibbetts

At the outset, Myriah Walker confesses to her readers about a time in her life when she suffered unbearable loss and grief. Even though she goes on to explain how her ability to communicate with animals goes back to her childhood days, it is clear that her gift was the foundation from which she overcame great pain and loss. Along with relating her childhood experiences, Walker also shares her intimate encounters and communications with all things natural, including cats, dogs, wolves, bears, birds, spiders, even ants, and the plant world. Walker’s gift is not unique. What is unique is how she has practiced and developed her gift. Readers who want to tap into that natural energy will learn from her experiences in this book. Those who have already talked with animals and nature will find certain validation in the stories she shares. Above all, Talks with Animals and Nature reveals the power of animals and nature to heal us — no matter what our pain — if we allow them.


Preview from one of the chapters

Developing My Inner Doolittle
            I was eight years old when I went with my family to see the original Dr. Doolittle movie starring Rex Harrison, and it left a lasting impression on me.  Afterwards I clearly remember standing outside in the backyard, deep in thought about what I’d just seen.  Is that what I did?    Is that why I knew what our dog was saying?  Is that why I felt the butterfly coming toward me before I saw it?  I was beginning to understand my natural ability.
            Feeling tones are what I call the emotional feelings I receive during communication.  It’s no different than sensing when someone is angry, happy, or sad.  You see their body language, but often you can feel their energy.  How often have you watched someone enter a room and felt their presence fill the space?  We all can sense this.  Sometimes we call it imagination, but it’s quite real and tangible to our senses. 
            If you can sense an angry person, feel the tension in a room, perceive the truth or a lie from another’s heart, you can communicate with animals and nature.  The fact is you already are.  It becomes transformational when you learn how to receive it back.  Emotion is not a human quality, it is a life essence.  Everything has feelings, and thoughts are ideas that all life expresses. 
            This isn’t to say that all animals are friendly. I’ve come across dogs with big egos that simply drown out all thought or feeling by their intimidating voice and presence.  Sometimes an aggressive dog becomes scared when the truth of them is felt and sensed.  When I hear a loud barking dog, I’ll silently and repeatedly say Good job!  You are the boss!  You are doing a great job! Because they are protecting their own and doing what their master has projected them to do.  Quite often I’ll hear the tone of their barking go down an octave or two, but their ego may not let them stop altogether. 
            When practicing animal and nature communication, you first need to understand what YOU are feeling.  You have to be able and willing to set aside your personal affairs.  Your angst about your draining bank account can affect the communication with the gentle presence of a deer.  You have to toss your personal drama aside into a mental room and lock the door. 

            I’m 18 and sitting in a park with my boyfriend.  We are at the back of the park.  An irrigation ditch runs behind us; before us the wide expanse of park, the street, and a row of houses opposite the park.  We are talking and relaxing when we see the door open from one of the houses on the street, and two Doberman Pincers burst forth and come running into the park.  They keep coming, and coming, and coming, barreling towards us as fast as they can, and it became obvious they were heading straight for us.  I started to feel nervous because I was reacting to negative feedback I’d heard about the breed, and my boyfriend began to puff up like he was going to protect me. 
            The dogs stopped right in front of me, each licked my hand and gave me a playful smile, then turned around and ran back home without stopping, where the front door opened and someone let them inside.  It was like the owner said “Go kiss that girl!”  And they did just that.  We sat stunned in silence for some time.  I mean, what do you say after that?
            In my 20’s I’d been dating a man for a couple weeks when I decide to tell him about my talent with animals.  He laughs out loud and thinks it absurd.  I found it odd that at his age he had never heard of the concept.  So he challenged me to tell him what his cat was thinking.  His cat had an aura that filled the room, and he was obviously the one in charge of their relationship.  So the cat and I gazed at each other.  I silently asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell his master. 
            Immediately I saw the image of the cat running after a ball, and I felt an emotional longing and that he missed it.  “He wishes you’d play fetch with him more often.”  Boyfriend’s jaw dropped.  “How did you know that!”  he demanded.  I shrugged and giggled.  He picked up a piece of paper and wadded it into a ball, then tossed it.  The cat immediately ran after it and brought it to him, dropping it at his feet.  After a few rounds of fetch, the cat came and rubbed up against me, thanking me. That our communication was so obvious amazed the boyfriend even more.  I like to think their relationship went on to improve and deepen, however ours only lasted a few short weeks. 
            Animals and nature can communicate via words you hear within, imagery, emotional senses, and/or a combination of all.  I’ve had pets that felt sad they couldn’t communicate telepathically, and others that communicated with words as clear as a friend and I talking on the phone.  Maybe you suddenly get an image of filling your dog’s water bowl and do it without the awareness that it was Fido that projected that image to you.  Or you go to call your cats inside, surprised they are already waiting by the back door, and wonder just who called who?

Talking to plants

            I’m visiting my daughter and her husband.  It is October and an autumn chill is beginning to take effect.  I’m hanging out in the living room while they cook dinner.  Telepathically I hear a Help!  Help me! coming from their outside balcony.  I open the patio door and step outside, and feel an immediate link with a jade plant that had been abandoned out in the cold and was clearly suffering and dying.  I asked my daughter about it.  She smirked and gave me one of those you-caught-me-mom looks. They were intending on just letting it die.  But now that I told her it was suffering, she guiltily brought it inside.  Over time that plant recovered and became very lush and healthy.
            One time I’m grocery shopping and came upon a three foot tall dieffenbachia plant.  It had been placed where too many grocery carts rubbed against it, and its stems and leaves were bruised and battered.  I felt its pain, and a wave of sympathy bubbled up within me.  I brought it home and replanted it and removed the broken and torn leaves.     That plant would send waves of scent to me when I looked at it, and watering it always produced a happy scent of gratitude. It even flowered for me that spring.  I loved sitting near it as it had a motherly aura that was soothing to be near.  I gave it to friends when I had to move six months later.  That year they used it for their Christmas tree, as it grew to be over five feet tall.
            It seems to be common knowledge that plants like to be talked to, and that the lusciousness of their foliage directly responds to it.  So then why should we think other life forms do not respond?    I bet you’ve been caught some time in your life where you were thinking not-so-nice thoughts about someone, and another came upon you and felt that.  Or the hair on the back of your neck stood up when you sensed something uncomfortable.  Or your heart bursts open in response to love. 

            Recently I was walking toward a coffee shop when I saw a woman coming up the street with a large fluffy dog, and I instantly felt its joy.  I sent an enthusiastic Hi!  to it from my heart.  It eagerly pulled at the leash to come closer and smiled out at me with a joyful energy.  I waited until they came closer so I could pet her.  The owner said she loves people and is so friendly, which indeed joy just oozed out of her. 
            But then the owner said “But she doesn’t like other dogs and the tenants in our building call her killer.”  Instantly the dog’s energy changed and she wanted nothing more to do with me, and they walked on.  Communication goes both ways, and this woman was projecting a bi-polar nature on her dog, who responded because it wants to please its master.  
            My sister often said her pets loved me more than her.  I don’t think that’s true, but they are happy to be near me because we “talk.”  We hug, cuddle, share joy.  We don’t let boundaries say we can’t.  It’s like being around people who don’t share your language.  You communicate as best you can, and when you find someone who speaks like you, you are happy to be with them.  You’ve found kin!
            When I was young, my mom had read a book about a guy that could communicate with animals too, like I did.  He could talk to flies.  Her and I thought that was a tad odd, but we decided to try it.  And come to find out, flies are just about the easiest creature to learn telepathic communication with.  They are open receivers and will teach you about the arts of silent communication.  They also hang around very nasty places, and so unconditional love lessons are sure to come about as well.  Flies simply do what needs to be done, without any fuss or bother, and get on with it. 
            Talking to trees is different.  It is more an energy feeling than a word/thought communication.  Trees are silent harbors for the I Amness of Me, the Higher Self.  When I have sorrowed out my emptiness, discovering I am full after all, the trees welcome my silent imaginings and let my spirit stand within them, or tip toeing on the tallest branches, for I am but a wee little one.  The tree represents all my inner strength and courage, so that I can peek into the Universe from a safe vantage.  The energy of the core of a tree is likened to standing within the silence of a slow-moving tornado.
            In 2000 I volunteered for a month at the Salt Spring Wildlife Reserve on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.  I shared the A Bluebird Makes A Choice chapter with them and was hired as a volunteer. When I arrived, there was an owl that was ready for release, but she wouldn’t fly.  They knew she was healthy and able, but she resisted.  So I was asked to talk to the owl and see if I could get her to fly.
            They had a very large flight cage for the raptors and owls.  The owl was in her own separate tall cage.  I stood by her cage and opened to her communication.  When I put forth the question about the flight cage, I immediately felt that she didn’t like the sense or feel of the flight cage.  It smelled and felt like eagles, and she didn’t trust it.  I silently told her she was safe in there, that there wouldn’t be another bird in the cage with her, and that all they had to do was see her fly and she’d be free. I spent about 3 minutes by the tall cage she was in.   I didn’t receive any communication back from her, and didn’t know if she understood or not.  But she must have gotten the message because a couple days later when I returned she had been released, because she had flown.
            The reserve rescues baby seals that get hurt or abandoned.  I loved being able to hand feed them small fish.  Seals have such big dark eyes and have a way of peering right into your soul.
            One of the veterinarian assistants there at the time wanted to know how I communicated with animals, so I shared some tips.  We were standing near the seal tank at the time.  She asked, “But how do you know when you’ve communicated?”  At that precise moment a baby seal flipped some water with its fin directly into her face, then stared at her.  “Oh, I guess it’s obvious,” she laughed. 



Author Myriah Krista Walker
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